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Splitting Classes Survey

Please take the time to answer this survey about splitting classes. This survey is primarily intended for elementary school teachers, but feel free to take it if it applies to your school as well.

Splitting classes is defined as: dividing the students from one teacher's class and sending them to two or more other classes to be supervised.

We are gathering that this is a wide spread practice and we are viewing it as a contract violation according to:


Personal Finance Interest Survey

One of our main goals is to add value to your membership by adding more local perks. One idea that is in the developing stages is to help our members learn more about managing debt, purchasing real estate, and building wealth. The local real estate team: Stephen McCarthy and Judy Camhout have partnered with us on this enterprise. This short survey is intended to help us design workshops based on members interest. We appreciate you taking the time out to answer these few questions.


Mask Mandate Opinion Survey

I attended the BESE meeting today. As you may have heard, the unruly crowd led to the meeting being adjourned before public comment and discussion of the mask mandate. 

Many have requested that we take the pulse again on the issue of masks now that the second week of school is almost complete. Even if you have taken it before, please take this second survey. There is some new content. As your representative, I need to know where you stand. 


Out of Sick Days Form

Please use this form to let us know if you run out of sick days due to quarantining or isolating. This will allow us to collect data to approach the issue of adding COVID days.